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What’s the key to longevity and healthy ageing?
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How do I sleep better?


Where should I invest money for long term capital gain?
How to create monthly budget?
Tips to save money fast?


How to overcome fear?
What does being an adult involve?
What do people regret on their deathbed?
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“The habit building is a new approach for me and I’ve been very happy with the results so far!
Although I had already been exercising and fasting for a while, Nintee has greatly aided me in establishing a sustainable routine that encompasses healthy eating, fasting, and exercise. In just three months of following the program, I have felt that I am in the best shape of my life. Furthermore, my family and friends have also observed noticeable changes in my appearance. The coaches are friendly and also keep you accountable for attaining your health objectives. Nintee has also played an integral role in helping me understand the science behind healthy eating and proper exercise. I have become more informed and I feel confident in my nutritional decisions. My experience with Nintee has been overwhelmingly positive, and I believe that I am now well-equipped to be able to sustain my progress in the future.”
Venkat Viswanathan
Group Product Manager
“The AI bot in the program has helped me build consistent habits around food & exercise as well as develop systems that has put decision making on autopilot.”
Product Manager
“Previously, I was "on a diet" or "not on a diet" & I had no idea how to eat when I wasn't on a diet. I’m now committed to eating healthy for the rest of my life. When I reach my target weight, I’ll continue to monitor what I eat & weigh myself. I’ll though have more calories available to me, but will not go back to my old eating habits.
Government Officer
I learnt about adherence to diet. This helped me to start intermittent fasting & focusing on my protein intake. I’m grateful for all the content shared by the team. This has enabled me to do the calculations myself & feel more in control of this.”
Narrative strategist
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